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 A great Xmas Gift idea - your chance to buy Goffy's Wind-ups on CD !

Goffy’s Wind Ups were originally aired on the award winning Century Radio breakfast show, ‘Goffy in The Morning’ in the late 90’s and made Goffy into a household name across the North East of England.

Many years since they were first aired, thousands of copies of these infamous wind ups have been sold on CDs and at various stages of their release and re-release, have made a huge impact on record store sales and charts.

Quite simply, these wind up CD’s make people laugh.

At the time of their airing in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Century Radio would be inundated with people’s stories of their laughter at work at hearing these prank calls and even tales of people being late for work as they couldn’t and wouldn’t leave their cars until the wind up call was finished.

Why not surprise your loved one this Christmas with a set of these unique albums that will give hours of listening pleasure!

Listen to samples of Wind-ups by playing each of these videos:


Currently Four compilation CD’s of ‘The Best of Goffy’s Wind-ups’ are available, with some volumes recently re-printed following constant demand via this website.

Each CD is priced at £12 and postage and packaging is free.

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Goffy's Wind-ups - Volume 1

1. Robin/Intro/Downing Street
2. Anthea Turner
3. Burglar/Cpt. Peacock
4. Felix
5. Rubbish/ Turn it up
6. Phone Bill?
7. Chris Rea/Peter Reid
8. Skelton/Injury/Rough Place
9. Dirty Toothbrush
10. Car Boot Sale
11. Kathy Jager/Lost in Darlo
12. Banana (Rhythm)
13. How an I driving?
14. On the job?
15. Lilly Boardman
16. Stanley/Find my Dog
17. Hello
18. Bum Bite
19. Mr Guillible


 Price:  £12.00   with Free delivery 

Goffy's Wind-ups - Volume 2

1. Faulty Sofa
2. Faulty Sofa (2)
3. Hartlepool Holiday (Dan)
4. Kevin's XR3i
5. Kevin's Wife
6. Mike Brown's Letter
7. Anthea Turner's Book (Claire)
8. La Manga
9. Dawn and Brian
10. Dawn and Brian (2)
11. Newcastle Season Ticket
12. Newcastle Ticket Reaction
13. Anthea Turner's Book (pt 2)
14. Angela's Prize
15. Flatulence
16. Holiday Insurance
17. Julie's New Car

Price:  £12.00   with Free delivery 

Goffy's Wind-ups - Volume 3

1. Text Dating
2. Text Dating (II)
3. Mackem for Sky
4. Turkish Insurance Cliam (II)
5. Naughty Hen Night
6. Commercial Bank
7. Goffy in a Wind-up
8. Goffy in a Wind-up (II)
9. Robert's Knob Problem
10. Kelly's Bender
12. Mr Carter (BT Call)
13. Sugary Computer
14. Sugary Computer (II)
15. The Duck
16. Commercial Break (II)

Price:  £12.00   with Free delivery

Goffy's Wind-ups - Volume 4

1. Fred's Fence
2. Sir Bobby's Dinner
3. You Cow
4. I Want It...Now!
5. Boro's Footy Trip
6. The Horse
7. Your House is a Tip
8. Faulty Goods
9. Mooo
10. Mandella's Taxi
11. My Affair

Price:  £12.00   with Free delivery

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