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Please don’t waste money on advertising that probably won't work!

Anyone can buy Advertising. But what is far more effective and usually much cheaper is to organise publicity that will promote your organisation or event. Any kind of editorial feature, whether in newspapers, on television or radio has much more impact with the general public than paid-for advertising.

The hard part is coming up with the ideas that will get the desired exposure! This is where Paul Gough is a master, all the experience he gained by generating publicity around himself  when he was on the radio can now help you!

By producing what we term a ‘press release’ and gathering media interest in your brand, we get the reporters wanting to print your material for free, and often with a full colour picture - this is much more likely to be seen by your next customer.

Think for a minute . . .

You know yourself that you are more likely to be believe in a product you read about in an article, rather than in an advert the business has paid for - editorial wins every time!

We will create a press release for you, and use our established contacts to gain you valuable exposure in the press, radio and tv media.

On the right you can see an article in the Sunday Sun which achieved great awareness for our clients, Ramside Hall Hotel in Durham, following an appearance by top chef Marco Pierre White. Marco was delighted to endorse the quality of the hotel and its chefs . . . . a great example of publicity that money can't buy !

Here is an example of the way we have promoted a new businesses in the North East:

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We were asked to come up with a way of promoting a Chinese Acupuncture Centre in Hartlepool. The owner had arrived from London wanting to establish his own practice in Hartlepool. The slightly complex launch did have its problems - the doctor was still learning to speak English!

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Goffy became the spokesman for the event, greeting the invited press, and explaining what the new venture had to offer. But we felt that a familiar face would give this new practice a great opportunity to launch successfully.

So we used Hartlepool United Football legend  Joe Allon to maximise media interest and ensure credibility for the new business.

Joe was pictured in the Hartlepool Mail (see left) receiving treatment from the doctor, and explained to the awaiting media how acupuncture treatment has given him a new lease of life. This was reassurance to potential customers that a well-known face from the town had confirmed that the treatment does work. The practice now continues to grow, and a recent move to larger premises confirms this.

Whatever the size and nature of your business, we are confident that we will enjoy helping your business and product grow. Please call Goffy Media and ask for a free advice, we will be happy to give you specific examples of how we may be able to increase awareness of your brand and ultimately help YOUR PROFITS to increase dramatically.

Get in touch today to discuss how Goffy's unique service can work for you!

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