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Launching a new product or business can be very costly.  And yet you want as many people as possible to be aware of what you're offering from day1 so that you start to get a return.

Of course, you can just buy advertising. But what is far more effective and usually much cheaper is to organise promotional activity and publicity that will help launch your new venture. Any kind of editorial feature, whether in newspapers, on television or radio has much more impact with the general public than paid-for advertising.

The hard part is coming up with the ideas that will get the desired exposure! This is where Paul Gough is a master, all the experience he gained by generating publicity around himself  when he was on the radio can now help you!

Here are examples of the way we have launched businesses and products in the North East:

images/gofpic105.jpg Example 1 : Flower Shop

We were asked to launch a new shop in Ponteland that sells flowers plus fruit and veg, called The Darling Buds of Darras. So to attract as much media interest as possible we asked Geordie lad and Newcastle United footballer Steven Taylor to be present at the opening ceremony.

To make the day even more interesting, and encourage people to visit, we went to the length of distributing photographs of the football star to local youngsters inviting them to bring their parents with them to meet Steven, and get their personally signed photograph on the launch day after school.

We backed this up with a simple press release and a 'fruity' picture of Steven with the owner, Sorelle Graham, which was used by various press in the area,

We engaged the local radio stations and they promoted an opportunity to meet and greet Steven at the shop, and this helped ensure the day was a success for all concerned.

Photos of this event were then released to the press after the event, helping raise great awareness for the new business - one which continues to flourish with our continued marketing plan and media awareness.


Example 2 : Football Book Launch

Former football scout Maurice Edwards wrote a book called "A Right Pair" all about one of the greatest football management teams of all time Brian Clough and Peter Taylor.

The publishers, D B Publishing, contacted Goffy Media to set up a press launch for the book in the region. two-day press and media publicity tour across the North East.

We arranged a tour that included trips to Sunderland, Middlesbrough and  Hartlepool football clubs, to re-visit the various links to the Clough & Taylor partnership.

As well as arrange photo opportunities and press interviews, we also lined up radio interviews to help launch the book.

The press cutting on the right is from the Sunderland Echo, and was typical of the excellent reviews the book received as a result of this tour.

The book became a surprise hit, especially considering it was Maurice's first attempt at writing.

DB Publishing were also thrilled with the publicity that Goffy Media obtained, and the resulting sales it generated.

A full portfolio of press cuttings, as well as radio and TV clips obtained from this hugely successful launch in the region is available on request from Goffy Media.

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Whatever kind of product or service you are about to launch, we are confident that we can help make it a success for a minimal outlay.  Please don't hesitate to call Goffy Media and ask for free advice.

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