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images/gofpic018.jpg This was another successful Goffy Media marketing campaign - "Shearer donít hang up your boots because . . . . " petition.

This was an inspirational idea that Goffy used to bring together over 22,000 listeners to contribute to his Metro Radio show.

The big question at the time was "Would Alan Shearer play on for a another season at Newcastle United?"

The whole football world was asking that question after Shearer announced he was going to quit at the end of the 2005 season.

It was Goffy who seized the opportunity for a brilliant marketing/media campaign which became THE talk of the football world, as well as gaining worldwide publicity for his station Metro Radio! 

On his daily show, Goffy took the lead and launched a campaign to overturn Alan Shearer's decision to quit St James Park, and try to keep him there for another season.

Take a look at how the campaign worked. Examine how Goffy capitalised on his relationship with the press, supporters and his close link with Alan Shearer, how he made this basic idea work brilliantly . . . . with huge press coverage for the station and himself !

Goffy's strategy was to ask listeners to send him reasons why Alan Shearer should change his mind and play on for another year - a staggering 22,000 e-mails were received by the website.

These e-mails were then personally delivered by Goffy to Alan Shearer, in an effort to overturn his intention to quit decision.

He also had a link created on the Metro Radio website to ask listeners to support his "Shearer donít hang up your boots because . . . "  petition, thereby creating a huge volume of interest on the website, as well as a major talking point for the whole radio station.

Goffy also arranged for promotional displays to be set up at Eldon Square and the Metro Centre, asking supporters to fill in a simple form, with their messages to encourage Shearer to stay.

And Goffy kept encouraging listeners to send in text messages to the stations special number . . . again a few lines which would be downloaded and sent to Alan Shearer.

The Press loved this campaign and many TV stations (including Sky Sports) ran features creating brand awareness for Goffy's show and Metro Radio.

The biggest achievement of all was when at a packed news conference with journalists from all around the world, Alan Shearer decided to stay on for another season and was quick to point out the huge support and backing from Goffy and Metro in arriving at his decision.

Alan Shearer admitted that Goffyís campaign had played a major part in changing his mind.

The campaign was described by Metro Radioís MD Sally Aitchison as the best PR and marketing campaign in the history of the station - and it didnít cost a penny !

On the left is a letter that Goffy had printed in a Newcastle United Match Programme to thank all the fans for getting behind his campaign.

Here is a radio interview with Goffy chatting to Alan Shearer on his Metro Radio show during the campaign. If you can't hear the sound on this page, please see Help Pafe
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