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Bruce Jones was one of the main characters in Coronation Street, playing Les Battersby for many years. However, when the soap legend left the series he found himself with very little work, which also caused him to struggle in his personal life.

Goffy got to know Bruce while he was working at Century Radio North-West in Manchester, having appeared as a guest on his show.

When Goffy heard how Bruce was suffering hard times, he got in touch to ask if he could help. Paul proposed a year long plan, involving Media and Marketing, to help him get back in the spotlight.  Here are the results . . .

images/gofpic227.jpg Goffy Media quickly identified the negative publicity that surrounded Bruce, and set about reversing that trend. The first step was getting him involved with voluntary work helping major charities. The picture above right shows Bruce helping such organisations as MacMillan Cancer Support and Henshaws Society for Blind People.

The resulting positive PR not only helped the charities, but also helped boost Bruce's PR profile.

The picture left is from Goffy Media's Marketing/PR Launch of Bruce's biography over in Benidorm - Paul identified this holiday resort as ideal, being full of British holidaymakers that were some of Bruce's biggest fans. It was also a great location for publicity photos, which were sent back home to the UK Media.

Back home Paul started identifying TV opportunities to try and spread the word about the new more positive Bruce Jones. Pictured right is Bruce appearing on ITV's Daybreak programme, an exclusive interview about his comeback and informing viewers how he had been fighting a huge battle to overcome depression.

He also reached out to the viewers, saying how he would like to help those in a similar situation, and Daybreak were inundated with calls and social media contact supporting him.

This was a great window of opportunity for the public to see how much calmer and more positive Bruce now was, compared to the negative press he had previously received.

images/gofpic225.jpg Things were now starting to move again for Bruce - he was invited by Keith Lemon to guest on a special 100th edition of ITV's Celebrity Juice early in 2013.

Pictured left is Goffy and Bruce with Celebrity Juice team captain Kelly Brook at the ITV studios.

Again his appearance and great feedback from Leigh Francis and the team at Celebrity Juice further boosted his comeback, with more exposure to millions of TV viewers.

In the spring of 2013 Jeremy Kyle was putting together a small number of summer specials featuring individual celebrities in a one-to-one setting. The letter on the right shows our negotiations with the Jeremy Kyle team to try and get Bruce to be chosen as the subject of one of these special 60 minute programmes, to be broadcast across the ITV network.

This was a perfect opportunity for Bruce to really open up and give his side of the story - he gave full details of how he had battled depression, alcohol, and many personal issues, which up until now he had little chance to do.


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images/gofpic220.jpg Pictured left is Bruce on the set of the Jeremy Kyle Show. The viewer reaction to the programme was again fantastic - many people had experienced similar issues to Bruce, battling the viscous circle of alcohol, depression and money problems.

Watching Bruce bearing his soul and explaining how he tackled his problems inspired viewers to believe that if he could do it, there was hope for them too of a new beginning.

Following the show, ITV forwarded an impressive number of messages to Bruce, showing how his appearance had affected so many people.

Goffy previously  worked for the same company as Jeremy Kyle - Century Radio. While Paul was hosting his Goffy in the Morning show, Jeremy was presenting a Late Night phone-in on Century North-West.

Goffy enjoyed meeting up with Jeremy again, in his new TV role, but this again demonstrates the many contacts that he has built up over the years working in Showbizz!

There is no doubt that the Jeremy Kyle hour special instigated Bruce's appearance on Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother.

images/gofpic222.jpg But Bruce didn't take all the work Goffy Media was doing for him for granted.

Pictured left is the front page story that ran across three pages in the Sunday Sun, where Bruce thanked Goffy for supporting him and getting him back on Television, and helping him counter all the negative publicity that had previously appeared in the press across the country..

It was just after this that Bruce entered the Big Brother house.

It was really great to see all our hard work come to fruition with Bruce appearing in one the most popular reality TV shows day after day for several weeks.

Goffy was personally delighted to see Bruce on this really high-profile show - such a great turn round in his fortunes in just 12 months, both personally and professionally.

Bruce again proved to be great value to Channel 5 - a high proportion of the Press for the series revolved around Bruce and his former appearances on Coronation Street, along with actress Vicky Entwistle who played his long-suffering wife Janice for many years.






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