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images/gofpic322.jpg Teenager Callum Scott Douglas was playing football for Wallsend Boys Club when he moved to Spain with his family.

His huge talent was soon recognised by Spanish club Elche and he began playing for their youth team, where he scored an impressive 45 goals in one season!

Callum's father Ken is an author, and Goffy Media were busy doing publicity work for him when he happened to mention how skilled his son was at football. There had been some interest in Callum from bigger clubs, but Paul suggested generating a publicity campaign to bring his undoubted playing ability to a wider audience.

Goffy Media began by getting in touch with Newcastle's Evening Chronicle, and gave them the pictures and story about this local lad who was now out in Spain and scoring an amazing number of goals for Elche. This quickly became the most-read sports story on the paper's website - see screen shot below left.

The story was also given to the Daily Mail in London, who featured it heavily, both in print and online. Their web page included several videos demonstrating Callum's special playing skills and goal-scoring knack - see below.

The success of this exposure enabled us to promote Callum's story even further, through press releases and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. This ended up going viral around the world, and a simple web search shows just how many different articles and web pages were generated all around the world - see Google Search screen-shot below right. Millions of people have viewed these different websites, and most are still there if you want to check them out yourself.

Callum was also invited on various TV and Radio shows to tell his story, not just about his playing, but how he had become so well-known across the globe.

images/gofpic323.jpg As a result of this high profile publicity, Callum has been invited to train with Newcastle United, and there has also been interest from other major clubs, all keeping tabs on his progress.

This is a clear example of how publicity in the media in today's fast-moving electronic communication age can not only be of huge benefit, but even be a story in itself.

But these things rarely happen all by themselves - using the expertise and contacts of Goffy Media could make a huge difference to the success of your product, event. or even career.

The name Callum Scott Douglas is now known to millions - demonstrating how these days, the world really is your oyster !

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