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images/gofpic363.jpg Summer 2016 was a very difficult year for music festivals. The long established Hardwick Live (Sedgefield) with all it's heritage and big names including The Jacksons, Simple Minds, Razorlight and many more, was one of the early casualties in the early part of the summer.

Other festivals in the region packed with top headlining names, like Riverside Live (Chester le Street), The Great Mod / Ska Festival (Thorp Therrow), and the 'Monkeyshine Comedy Festival' (Middlesbrough) headlining Jason Manford and a host of top comedians, were all scrapped in the disappointing summer for music fans in the North. All of the shows were cancelled due to 'lack of ticket sales'

Pictured left is Goffy with the legendary Graham Gouldman 10cc at Coastline Festival media launch in London.

So in a very tough climate and with all the uncertainty in the region it was therefore all the more of a challenge for Goffy Media to promote a brand new major outdoor music event.

However,  'The Coastline Festival' proved to be a massive success when staged at the Cross Butts, Whitby, in August. The 70s themed show headlined million-selling group 10cc fronted by Graham Gouldman, and The Real Thing, famous for million sellers in the 70s and 80s.

Goffy Media started to drive this event forward form the early part of the year using Goffy's vast contacts in the press, radio and television. Pictured right is Cross Butts owner John Morley live on BBC TV' Look North' promoting the Coastline Festival.



Goffy headed to London ahead of the show to spend the day with Graham Gouldman, recorded promos for the event, and took promotion photographs which were distributed to the local press.

The marketing budget for the event was minimal for any paid-for any advertising, and almost all of the awareness was created by Goffy's contacts. Press releases, radio appearances, and BBC television news stories - BBC 'Look North' included three major slots just a couple of days before the festival, which attracted thousands to the event. The show was arranged to help fund the local football club, Whitby Town, and the local community rallied to support a memorable event for the town.

The press coverage both before and after was hugely positive. Graham Gouldman of 10cc told the press that his band had loved the day and the way it had been handled.

Goffy himself was live on stage hosting the day, which started at lunchtime and ended late at night - leaving many great memories for the thousands that flocked to be part of this new festival.





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Below are just a few examples of the Press coverage Goffy Media obtained for The Coastline Festival.







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