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images/gofpic049.jpg Over the years Goffy’s close association with Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne has made national news.

Here we can see some of the various roles that Gazza has personally called upon to utilise Goffy’s experience at handling the media and live situations

Goffy has hosted Paul Gascoigne’s two book launches in London.

Gazza turned to Goffy when he wanted someone he could trust and with experience when he headed to London.

Gazza was required to appear on national TV and Radio with appearances on Richard and Judy, BBC, ITN, Radio 2's Steve Wright in the Afternoon, The Danny Baker Show and The Nicky Campbell Breakfast Show on Radio Five Live.

On the right is Goffy taking Gazza to be interviewed by BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright.

Paul also helped with handling interviews with the world's written media.


Pictured left is Gazza and Goffy at a Celebrity Dinner to help with the survival of Gateshead Football Club.

The Dinner came about when Goffy contacted Gazza to ask for his support in helping his home town's team fight for survival. At the time of the call they were 24 hours from extinction.

The Dinner organised and hosted by Goffy raised £50,000, so thanks to his efforts football in Gateshead survived.

Here is some of the press that Goffy Media has obtained for Gazza

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