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Goffy has always given his support to different charities, and one that is dear to his heart is Hartlepool Hospice.

They do a great job looking after people in his home town, with very little government funding. Most towns this size don't have a hospice, so Hartlepool are very lucky to have this facility.

In recent years Paul has organised a number of fundraising events - one very successful evening featured England & Newcastle footballer Alan Shearer, which netted 100,000 for the hospice in just one night.

images/gofpic266.jpg Pictured left is Goffy with Natalie Anderson, from ITV's Emmerdale (Alicia Metcalf), as well as winner of Your Face Sounds Familiar on ITV, winning 80,000 for her own charities.

Through his contacts Goffy approached Natalie to help raise the profile of the Hospice across the region.

Natalie came to Hartlepool Marina for the media launch of The Moonlight Walk, which encouraged people to take part in a sponsored five mile late night walk.

Thanks to Natalie's great profile and familiar face it was easy to attract a lot of interest from the media across the region.

The Moonlight Walk was a huge success, a great turnout with participants raising 30,000 for the charity. Hartlepool  Hospice Fundraising Manager Greg Hildreth was thrilled with our involvement to raise their awareness. He could see that using famous faces was a great way of achieving free publicity.

Other campaigns with Hartlepool Hospice across the year involved using our contacts to get more high profile TV celebrities to join us. These included various Peterlee Lions Club sponsored walks and the Santa Fun Run.

For example, Benidorm star Crissy Rock is pictured right showing her support, and we set up a number of radio and press interviews where she explained how the service that the Hospice provides is so important, and why the public should get involved in any fundraising activities.



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