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images/gofpic290.jpg As well as working throughout the UK, Goffy now has a lot of contacts in Spain, and regularly travels over there to see his clients.

Ken Scott lives between Alicante and Valencia, but is originally from Newcastle. Although he failed miserably at school, while working for the Post Office for many years he read hundreds of books - and he obviously learnt a lot from them!

Because Ken is now a successful Ghost Writer, writing autobiographies for other people.

One of the most controversial autobiographies he has written was for shamed sprinter Dwaine Chambers, who was banned from athletics after he was found to have used performance-enhancing drugs.  You can read an article about Ken from the Sunday Sun at the foot of this page.

Comediene and Benidorm actress Crissy Rock spends much of her time working in Spain on the TV series, so enlisted Ken's help to write her book "This Heart WIthin Me Burns" - a search of Amazon reviews will reveal just how popular this book is!

Goffy Media got involved again, to generate publicity not only in the UK, but also out in Spain. This included book launches as well as Media publicity. Ken is pictured above with Crissy , at a Press Launch on the beach in Benidorm, to which the Spanish TV, radio and newspapers were invited to come and chat to them both.

This resulted in a lot of coverage - Goffy Media demonstrating that their skills and experience work just the same abroad as they do in this country - and that distance is no object!


images/gofpic292.jpg On the left you can see Crissy pictured with fellow Benidorm TV series actor Tony Maudsley (left) and Show boss Derren Litten (right) at another book launch we arranged over in Spain.

Crissy is a hugely popular member of the hit ITV series "Benidorm", playing Janey Yorke, so we invited many of her friends and colleagues from the show to join us in town.

The press in Spain were thrilled to get the opportunity to be involved and meet the cast, and the resulting publicity only further raised the profile of the book, and its ultimate success.

Some of the UK press were also on hand, via their representatives out in Spain, and those that couldn't join us were serviced with photos and interviews that were sent electronically later that day.

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