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images/gofpic042.jpg Mike Tyson is one of the best-known names in the world, yet the former boxing star has had as much bad publicity over the years as good !

Goffy Media’s job was to create positive publicity for his UK Tour, and yet working with this very complex personality wasn’t always easy !

We began by talking to his Management in the USA, and set up advance radio interviews with the likes of Andy Townsend on TalkSport.

We even linked this in with one of our other clients who was in the news at the time, Paul Gascoigne.

Mike said he’d like to meet him while over here to help Gazza through this difficult period.

 This not only made front page news here in Britain, but went worldwide. We also used Goffy’s experience as a broadcaster to record a radio interview with Tyson to promote his Tour that we syndicated to other TV and radio stations. and radio stations. 

images/gofpic044.jpg We not only got involved with some of the actual live events (with Goffy hosting and chatting to Mike on the night), but also continued to provide PR for the events all over the country.

See the publicity we achieved in the videos and press clips below.

The week-long tour in the North East ended up being a total sell-out !

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