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Singer Shaun appeared as a Tom Jones soundalike in the hit  ITV series Benidorm. 

Having been a club singer in the North East, he went out to work in Benidorm and was spotted by the show's writer Derren Litten and given a part in the series.


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When he was set to release a CD album of his work from the show he called Goffy Media to help him.

One of the first tasks was to take Shaun to London to link up with some of the stars of the series, including comedian Jonny Vegas and actress Sheila Reid, who plays the sharp-tongued grandmother Madge in the show.

Pictured above is Shaun and Sheila launching the CD together in the West End of London, and left our syndicated interview with Jonny Vegas praising Shaun's talents - this was a money can't buy endorsement !

Throughout the promotion period for the CD and the raising of Shaun's profile, it was also our job to maximise press opportunities for him. Pictured right is Shaun with one of rock music's best known guitarists, Janick Gers from Iron Maiden.

This photo opportunity gave Shaun further national recognition.

The two videos below show Shaun featured in the TV series, and a TV appearance set up by Goffy Media to promote the CD album.

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