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Here are a few of the reviews that Goffy has written for the press

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Wynyard Hall Review 3   
Here Goffy reviews the North's most famous hotel - Sir John Hall's Wynyard Hall . Goffy's big profile in the region was ideal for the Hall family, and they  were keen to use his name & reputation - it is a main feature in the Wynyard Hall's Summer 2011 brochure


Montenegro Holiday Review 1   
This is Goffy's review of a holiday in the former Yugoslavian Republic of Montenegro, as featured in the Sunderland Echo


Montenegro Holiday Review 2   
Another review of Goffy's  holiday in  Montenegro, this time in the Evening Gazette


Lake Bled Holiday Review    
This is Goffy's review of a holiday at Lake Bled in the former Yugoslavian Republic of Slovenia


Wynyard Hall Stay - Review 1    
A press clip from the Evening Gazette where Goffy describes his stay at Wynyard Hall


Wynyard Hall Stay - Review 2 
Another review of Goffy's Wynyard Hall visit - this time in the Sunderland Echo


Crab Manor Visit
A press clip from the Sunderland Echo where Goffy reviews his stay at the Crab Manor Hotel near Thirsk


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