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Do you have a story to sell?

These day, even the national newspapers have very few reporters to send out to cover stories. They rely on Press & PR agencies like Goffy Media to send them copy and photos to fill their pages.

We have built up a number of strong contacts at both local and national newspapers, so if you have an interesting story to tell, we can get it in the papers!

Our experienced journalists will interview you and then write a story, often several different versions to get in a number of different newspapers.

If it's a good story they will often pay for it, which we would obviously share with you.

But maybe you want to get your story in the newspapers to publicise an event, your business, or a particular project?  In which case, this editorial exposure can be worth thousands of pounds in publicity.

The photos above are just a small sample of stories that Goffy Media has recently got published in the national press.

And if you look at our various Projects pages, you will see that getting publicity in the press for our clients is nearly always an essential part of the service we offer.

Often clients are seeking press exposure, but don't have any particular story to tell.

That is again where our expertise and experience comes in - we will dream up a story with an interesting angle that we know the press will be keen to publish.

The photo on the right sees Goffy with Sunday Mirror news editor Mike Hamilton at the paper's headquarters at Canary Wharf in London after working together on another story



Goffy Media are always coming up with great ideas to help our wide range of clients. For example, Comedian, Actor and Writer Brendan Healy was looking to get more exposure in the North and broaden his portfolio.

We came up with the idea that he could write a regular witty column in the Sunday Sun, and so we approached the paper's Editor Matt McKenzie. Matt loved the idea, and so we set up a meeting - here they are pictured on the left. The feature has obviously proved really popular, as Brendan recently published his 100th column!

The Sunday Sun is a weekly paid-for newspaper that covers a huge region, from the Scottish Borders down to York. Brendan has always been very much in demand as an after-dinner speaker, but the exposure and great feedback he receives from his regular column has been of great benefit to him!

Perhaps you have an area of expertise that could be useful to the press, whether as a solicitor, doctor, fitness guru, etc - writing a regular column or appearing on Radio or TV - Goffy Media can put you in touch with the right people.

So no matter what your story is or why you would like to get in in the press, do get in touch with Goffy Media, as we can make it happen for you!

Get in touch today to discuss how Goffy's unique service can work for you!

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